How to save energy with the right roof

Skylights help save energy

Did you know that having a proper roof can help you save energy and costs on your energy bills? With the right design and materials we can help you cut down on cooling and lighting costs. Imagine your house being up to 20% cooler in summer with the right type of roofing. Or use natural sunlight to illuminate your house and turn off those light switches.

Solar Tubes

Take advantage of the ample natural sunlight that Hawaii provides. Solar tubes offer a great lighting solution for areas like kitchens and hallways. They are easy for Murakami Roofing to install, and instantly provides light where you need it. Solar tubes have a polished interior that gathers the light from the sun and diffuses it through the interior end. The result is like having an overhead light turned on where the tube is placed.


Much like a solar tube, a skylight allows the use of natural sunlight to brighten dark areas. The installation of a skylight is more invasive to your roof, and tends to be more expensive. However, on the beneficial side, a skylight can be fitted with mini-blinds, UV coatings and insulation to block out too much light, harmful rays and heat. Murakami Roofing has the experience and skills to install this energy saving feature to your new roof design.

Reflective Roof Coating

Traditional roofs absorb up to 90% of the sun’s heat, causing increased temperatures within your home. Turn off those fans and air conditioners with the help of a reflective roof coating. An elastomeric roof coating will greatly reduce your roof’s surface temperatures and significantly reduce heat transfer into your home.

Roof Vents

Roof vents take advantage of Hawaii’s trade winds to increase airflow and passively ventilate your house. They act as escape paths for hot air that may be trapped in your attic. As a matter of fact, not having them may void your warranty if you have asphalt shingles.

There are a number of ways that proper roof design and the right materials can help you save energy use and reduce your electric bill. Contact us to find out what is the best solution for your roof.

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