Now Hiring: Driver

Responsibilities & Duties:

• Prepares vehicle by conducting operator maintenance; cleaning interior and exterior; arranging for maintenance; reporting operating problems.
• Delivers / and or Dumps materials, rental equipment, and other items to landfills, job sites. When required, moves materials, supplies, and equipment from receiving locations to job sites by carrying, pushing, rolling, or using hand trucks. (Up to 50lbs) (Able to climb up and into dump truck up to 7ft.)
• Ensures that all materials, supplies, and equipment received for department or project are processed and distributed in a timely manner.
• Plans route and requirements by studying schedule or special request, checking road conditions; estimating travel times.
• Delivers items by identifying destinations; establishing route; operating the vehicle; unloading items; maintaining schedule.
• Documents actions by completing maintenance records.
• Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, to include on the job training.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Now Hiring: Foreman

Summary Covers roofs with roofing materials other than sheet metal, such as composition shingles or sheets, wood shingles, or asphalt and gravel, to waterproof roofs by performing the following duties.

• Cuts roofing paper to size and nails or staples it to roof in overlapping strips to form base for roofing materials.
• Aligns roofing material with edge of roof, and overlaps successive layers, gauging distance of overlap with chalkline, gauge on shingling hatchet, or by lines on shingles.
• Fastens composition shingles or sheets to roof with asphalt, cement, or nails.
• Punches holes in slate, tile, terra cotta, or wooden shingles.
• Cuts strips of flashing and fits them into angles formed by walls, vents, and intersecting roof surfaces.
• Mops or pours hot asphalt or tar onto roof base when applying asphalt or tar and gravel to roof.
• Applies alternate layers of hot asphalt or tar and roofing paper until roof covering is as specified.
• Applies gravel or pebbles over top layer.
• Constructs and attaches prefabricated roof sections to rafters.
• Attaches shingles to exterior walls and applies roofing paper and tar to shower pans, decks, and promenades to waterproof surfaces.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Directly supervises 10 or less employees in the Production Department. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include training of employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; evaluating performance; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

Now Hiring: Laborer

Responsible for assisting roofers during the application or repair of roofing materials. Unloads materials, cleans off roof, applies roofing material, and cleans site after job is complete.

• Unload materials from truck and unroll roofing material.
• Ensure there is enough material for entire roof.
• Lift roofing materials onto roof using pulleys or ladder.
• Clear debris from roof.
• Ensure tar is chopped and heated.
• Scrape or pull off old roofing material.
• Properly equip all roofers with safety equipment, scaffolding, and hoists.
• Nail roofing paper and composition shingles into roof.
• Apply layer of tar on roof.
• Apply gravel, shingles, or asphalt over tar layer.
• Cover roof with roofing felt, asphalt strips, or other materials.
• Apply tile, slate, or composition materials to roof.
• Locate and repair cracked tiles.
• Fill in missing tiles.
• Clear out gutters and drains.
• Affix metal sheets to roof boards or frameworks.
• Locate and fix leaks.
• Repair damage caused from storms and high winds.
• Nail tiles to roof boards and cover with roofing cement.